Toronto's Best Music School

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    In business for over 40 years.

    OCOPM opened it's doors in 1965. Founded by world-renowned Toronto drummer-percussionist Paul Robson to fill a gap in the music industry, the school quickly became a top music education school in North America. And for some time, it remained the only percussion school on the continent. The college has developed a reputation over the years for training students to become musicians of the highest calibre.

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    Instrument Rentals

    The school offers instrument rentals to students at competitive rates. Available rental instruments include entry-level and upgraded drumsets, acoustic and electric guitars, and electric basses.

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    Gift Certificates

    Gift certificates are available for our 30 minute, 45 minute and 60 minute music lessons. Certificates can be purchased at the school and are available in any quantity. Gift recipients can schedule lessons with us at their convenience.

We focus on a solid music education

Learn a new instrument or take your playing to the next level.

The Ontario College of Percussion and Music is dedicated to the proper education of it's students in all musical areas. Although the original focus of the music school was on the drumset, OCOPM soon branched out to include private lessons and programs for all instruments. The overarching purpose of the school is to provide a well-rounded musical education to our students, preparing them with an understanding of music theory to accompany the practical playing skills they develop in their lessons. We are dedicated to providing the best music lessons available.

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