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Piano Lessons Toronto

Private piano lessons are available to meet the needs of the hobbyist and professional musician alike. The material covered in the lessons is tailored directly to meet the needs and aspirations of the student. Developing technique and music reading abilities are strongly emphasised alongside practical playing skills. All of our lessons are geared towards helping our students become confident and self-assured on their chosen instrument.

Piano Curriculum

The curriculum for our piano program reflects the diverse needs of our students.

We can and do teach the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) piano course as this is a highly demanded program of study for young children and teens. Our teaching for this program reflects the need to prepare students for the various grade level testing of the RCM piano program.

Many of our piano student desire an exploration of technique and knowledge as it applies to particular musical styles. Thus, the scope of your piano lessons with us may include:

  • Jazz and Blues Piano
  • Improvisation
  • Pop and Top 40 Piano
  • Classical Piano

and other styles.

We are also proud of our heritage of teaching the fundamental skills and knowledge of music. All of our students learn to read music and learn to play with proper technique, whether they are learning piano, guitar, bass or drums.


The piano studio at our music school is outfitted with a classic upright acoustic piano and bench. The studio itself is airy and bright, a perfect atmosphere for study.

Lesson Length

Lessons are available in 60 minute, 45 minute, and 30 minute lengths, subject to availability and the approval of the instructor. 60 minute lessons are strongly recommended for serious pursuit of studies and to properly educate the student in the theoretical and practical aspects of playing the drums. 45 minute lessons are often sufficient for younger students up to 8 years of age. Half hour lessons are available under special considerations subject to availablity and the instructors approval.

Materials and Equipment

As the school supplies the piano, students need only bring themselves, method books and any other materials they are working on.

For personal practice, we recommend a daily workout between your lessons on a full size piano or keyboard. Practice with a metronome is recommended.

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